Friday, 9 October 2015

09/10/15: Smoy/Tmoy CD-Rs

There are inevitably many risks in modern life, but certain dangers are easier to avoid than others. Some people will even compromise their own personal safety by stepping into traffic to take photographs of compact discs left in the road. But – based on this treasure uncovered on the A400 as it passes through Kentish Town – the foolhardy dicing-with-death gamble was well worth it. The three CD-Rs were located within metres of each other. The text appears to say "Smoy July 24 pm", "Tmoy Aug 6 '15" and "Aug 4 '15". On the third disc the "Tmoy" or "Smoy" is obscured by peeling. Note the attractive colouring displayed on the peeled-back area. Unlikely to play.

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