Sunday, 19 October 2014

19/10/14: Barnet Odeon disc bonanza – 4 of 6: Reggae For Cyprus 2011

Fourth of six CDs on the Great North Road, Hertfordshire, EN5. This Sony CD-R, labelled "Reggae For Cyprus 2011", is my favourite of the six. Note the neat handwriting, the carefully inserted "u" in "Cyprus" and the little picture of the sun. You can imagine the owner's optimisim about the holiday and how it might be further enhanced by this compilation.


  1. What an excellent haul. A real red letter day for the Abandoned CD, no? I agree the CYPRuS holiday is the best of the bunch. I bet the reggae included on the cd was decent, as well, and none of this over-poppified nonsense.

  2. Yes, October has been incredible, with more discs found than in all of June/July/August/September combined.